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Stephen A. Welles
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Set in the flashy discos and on the streets of New York City in the late 1970s, author Stephen Welles, who was raised in the Bronx and Manhattan, uses his own experiences to paint his central character and how he became a part of the disco explosion coming out of the U.S. Marines (1977) as a 21-year-old "street-club dancer." Welles says, "Disco Nights offers readers the chance to learn about or relive the great memories of the Disco Era through the story line, the songs, the artists, the musicians, the street dancers and the DJ's who put the music out. I also included a love story with a surprise ending and a few exciting dance contests... Revolving around this story of our 1970s culture are landmark historical events that occurred in New York City - the 1977 black out; Son of Sam; the Yankees return to glory, gay rights, the summer where the Bronx was burning and more. I feel this book is more than entertaining because it will help people to understand an era that had its tough times but also was fun, exciting, and part of our musical culture and history.
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"Disco Nights takes me back to my days with Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band (Chechez La Femme, I'll Play the Fool for You) and songs like Native New Yorker. This is an extreme honor for me because it's hard to gauge what you've done until somebody gives you the visuals to put your contributions into perspective. I highly recommend this book, which includes great disco songs and legendary artists."
--Mickey Sevilla-(Drummer-Percussions)-Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band

"Stephen A. Welles 70s musical novel "Disco Nights" takes readers back to the late 70s New York Dance Club scene. Based on a true story, the book follows the everyday life of a young vet-marine from the Bronx as the disco era hits its peak. "Disco Nights" vividly recalls the life styles, fashions, attitudes and of course music that made night life in the Big Apple come alive!"
--Bruce Owens-Good Morning Hudson Valley, New York-WBNR

"Inspired by Steve's own experiences during the heydays of Disco, you're taken back to authentic places and get to relive historical events in 70s New York accompanied by wonderful music references throughout the book. A great read!"
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